A box full of love

(In English below)

Nu är böckerna om Zart klara. De består av sex bilder som är perforerade så att du lätt kan riva ut dem om du t ex vill skicka som ett kort eller kanske rama in. “The Extra Terrestrial” levereras i en snygg ask. Pris 125 kr. Endast 18 ex kommer att tillverkas så köp din redan idag!

The books about Zart are ready! The book is made up of six paintings that are perforated so they can easily be removed if you, for example, would like to use one as a greeting card, or perhaps frame it. ‘The Extra Terrestrial’ is being delivered in a nice box for 125 Swedish Krona SEK. There are only 18 books being made so be sure to get yours today!

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