Felted wool seat pad [sold]

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Tovat sittunderlag i ull. 🙂 Det krympte dock inte så mycket som jag trodde det skulle göra, så nästa gör jag lite mindre.

Felted wool seat pad. 🙂 It didn’t shrink as much as expected though, so I’ll make the next one a little smaller.

3 thoughts on “Felted wool seat pad [sold]

  1. Felters call it fulling when shrinking a knitted garment as it doesn’t actually make a true felt due to the gaps in the knit. What’s in a word, eh? I’ve felted jumpers in the machine on purpose, but that’s as close as I’ve gotten. It’s nice to see what others make.

  2. Hi. Thank you for your comment. Yes it’s a bit tricky if you’re lazy like me and shrink it using a washing machine. 😉 Felting something which is created using yarn is an old tradition in Scandinavia. It’s very common with nalbound items, the felting process used then is called ‘valkning’ and it is much more exact.

  3. You have some very nice colors here. I have never knitted something and shrink on purpose, although I know it is a thing. I would expect working out the shrinkage rate would be more of a challenge than felting the traditional way like I do.

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