Purple Oslo stitch nalbound mittens

Purple mittens, handmade in Sweden.

Nalbinding, or needlebinding, is an ancient technique dating back to the stoneage. It was popular among the Vikings and in medieval times, all the way up to the 19th century. These mittens are made with the Oslo stitch in bulky Lovikka wool yarn from the island Öland off the east coast of Sweden.

Oslo stitch is named after an archeological find made in Norway dating back to the Middle Ages. The stitch was also used in mittens found on Iceland from the Viking era. It makes for thick, compact, and very warm mittens.

Unlike knitted and crocheted items, nalbound items won’t unravel if you for some reason should damage them.

100 % wool

Available in sizes XS to XL at eklind.etsy.com unless temporarily sold out, in which case it’s possible to make a custom order.