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I was born on the 3rd of May in Trelleborg on the south coast of Sweden. I have a dog called Bosse, cats called Linus and Findus, and the name of my beloved is Maria.

I started using oilpastels for my art around 2013. As it were, I sold the very first painting I did, which of course spurred me on. Later I added color pencils to my repetoir.

My paintings seem simple, and in many ways they are. I belive there is charm in simplicity, and I belive it lets people focus on the subtle qualities of the characters. I enjoy the challenge of giving them all personalities and moods by using as few unnecessary details as possible. And while it might seem like a paradox, that’s what makes them complex.

Most of all I really enjoy painting. I’m not one who paints what she feels, rather I paint what I need. In most cases, that’s joy. And if my paintings bring you joy too, I’m happy.

Facebook: AnnikaEklindArt

Instagram: annikaeklind

Twitter: annikaeklind

Email: annikaeklind@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Du skriver verkligen bra, Annika; du har din egen röst, din egen stil och den känns säker. Detta visste jag iofs redan innan men jag undrar om din röst inte blivit starkare. Du vet vem du är, äntligen! Jag gillar bilden med finsnickeriet : )

    1. Tack! Jo, rösten har blivit mycket tydligare, det upplever jag själv också. Jag behöver aldrig leta efter den längre, den bara finns där. :)

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