I was born in the month of May in Trelleborg on the south coast of Sweden. I have a dog called Bosse, a cat called Linus, and the name of my beloved is Maria.

I started using oilpastels for my art around 2013. As it were, I sold the very first painting I did, which of course spurred me on. I’ve since worked with color pencils, acrylic paint, and ceramics as well as yarn. I especially like wool.

My art may seem simple, and in some ways it is. I belive there is charm in simplicity, and I belive it lets people focus on the more subtle qualities of the characters. I enjoy the challenge of giving them all personalities and moods.

I’ve studied a bunch of things, and I have worked in a multitude of fields, but that’s not very interesting. Go look at art instead, or sign up for a workshop! 🙂

Facebook: AnnikaEklindArt

Instagram: annikaeklind

Email: annikaeklind@gmail.com